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Wedding Book

What type of photo book may you pick?

I will show you the widest choice of high-quality books, so that you can pick the one that better preserves the memory of your special event.

The photo book printing will be made by a company named Graphistudio, which is a leader in Italy. Their work is founded on “Values that last over time”. Craftsmen use elegant and refined materials, special tricks and the quality of the finish is their distinguishing feature.

You may customize your photo book by picking a lot of different materials, thickness, pages quality and beautiful cases. I will help you to find the best solution fitting your needs.

Wedding Collection

In my studio you may see different examples of photo books and what I can create for you. In the following pictures, you can see a sample of the book. Here, the cover is metallic and the back is of real leather. This product is unique and precious. If you prefer a traditional photo book, I will satisfy your requests.

The smallest photo books indeed, are provided as a gift for parents/relatives/witnesses.

How to choose the right photo book

It will be very simple thanks to the book of materials, that is full of samples. Here you can find a wide choice of materials, colours and finishing. You may touch the materials and choose the most suitable.

This book offers 16 pages for cover options, 10 pages for printing technologies and papers. Finally you can choose among three different types of page thickness.

More than 100 combinations available at your disposal!

In order to choose the best solution, we can arrange an appointment at my studio or wherever you like.